Planning and Development

Life is getting more complicated and our ability to do anything on our own land is becoming entwined in an increasing volume of regulation and complexity.

Making an application to a local government or state government department for a development approval can be a frustrating exercise. Often what seems to be a good (and straightforward) idea to you will be met with opposition. Then, even if the Council gives its okay, it may want to extract a real pound of flesh out of you in charges or impose a list of requirements upon you.

We are experienced in all facets of planning and development law, from initial enquiries with local authorities through to Planning & Environment Court hearings. We have assisted clients through negotiations with councils and government departments prior to, and during, the application process as well as after a decision has been made.

Because court actions are expensive, our aim is always to minimise the expense and maximise the outcome through negotiation and mediation. However, if a resolution cannot be reached through those means, we have an experienced litigation team who deal regularly with Planning & Environment Court applications and hearings.

Our team:

  • are experienced professionals who will explain carefully and thoroughly the processes at play - be they pre-application, pre-decision or a Court appeal
  • have a thorough knowledge of the law and take the time to ensure that the most appropriate course of action, to maximise the chance of a positive outcome, is followed
  • understand how government departments and local councils think and negotiate
  • provide access to experienced and fully qualified lawyers at Partner level
  • are mindful of the potential costs to you and work to maximise your outcome and minimise your expense without compromising quality of service.